Photo Credits

This picture, of The Giant Underwood Master Typewriter and its enthusiasts, raises the question of how many book angels can dance on the head of a typewriter key. The photo is from the New York World’s Fair in 1939. Photo credit goes to the digital rights collection of our beloved New York Public Library. We use this image to illustrate stakeholders we call “Book Angels,” who fund books they love.

The image of a woman at a more manageably sized typewriter represents another stakeholder group, “The Best Authors,” by looking very serious about her writing. Photo credit goes to Getty Images.

When our book angels back our serious authors it results in “Books That Matter,” represented by an evocative photograph of a boy reading in a doorway. Credit goes to the extraordinary Lithuanian photographer, Balys Buračas (1897 – 1972).

The portrait of Terence Clarke is © Terence Clarke and was taken by Nancy Dionne. The portrait of me is © Ivory Madison. The portrait of Marilyn Yalom is © Marilyn Yalom.

The Astor & Lenox logo is original art commissioned exclusively for Astor & Lenox by our book cover artist Clarissa Yao. If you would like, you can read the whole story behind the lion, the logo, and the name of our publishing house. All are © Astor & Lenox.

And finally, the lovely main image featured on the site, of weathered books on wooden library shelves, is a photograph © Keith Page, all rights reserved. We like to think this library ladder goes all the way up to the stars.